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Upon joining the school's signature course, either in-person or online, you will receive invitations to attend in-person etiquette events in London, UK, throughout the year (at an additional cost). You will have the opportunity to meet Emma and other members of the school's community while practicing your skills in an elegant, relaxed environment.

Members will be notified by email when an event is announced and registration opens.



One of the most popular events is the Lady's Luncheons. These occasions offer the opportunity to meet other like-minded ladies of The Alumni Society and me for elegant lunches at quintessentially British venues such as The Ritz Hotel and The Wolseley.

Here, you can practice your conversation skills and dining etiquette while socialising with like-minded ladies. I will guide you, correct you when necessary and answer your questions.



Is there anything more quintessentially British than Afternoon Tea? It is an experience not to be missed, with pretty chinaware and gleaming silver tea services and the resident pianist playing the soundtrack to accompany it all.

Always with an elegant dress code, our Alumni Society members adore these afternoons of indulgence and relaxation.

They present an opportunity to escape into old-world elegance and charm!



Always an incredible evening, our Alumni Society Ballet and Opera events at The Royal Opera House and the Royal Albert Hall in London sell out very quickly.

These occasions allow ladies to attend performances in which their spouse, or current circle of friends, has no interest and gives them the opportunity to dress formally and elegantly.



The Alumni Society's Annual Black Tie Gala Dinner in December is a memorable conclusion to the year.

Held within the private dining room at one of London's five-star hotels, it provides a rare opportunity to dress in Black Tie and enjoy a delicious meal.

This event is a beautiful, festive celebration of the year, where I deliver a complete dining etiquette tutorial, followed by a live Q&A.

Adela, November 2023

"Mere words cannot express enough how much I valued everything, the etiquette course, the events you organised, your presence, and not ultimately how grateful I am to you for introducing us, London based ladies."

Maria, November 2023

"I have been so blessed to have you as my etiquette coach. I cannot believe how much my confidence has grown. It's so hard to believe that you made the amazing decision to offer your Signature Course online.

I will be forever grateful. I am so happy that I had a chance to attend two of the London events and put all of my studies into practice with the lovely ladies in the Alumni Society.

You made such an incredible difference in the lives of so many women. Your contribution to others is inspiring."

Dhosjan, November 2023

"The guidance you provided as part of the in-person course, online courses, and in-person events have been significantly impactful to me.

As a result, I am considerably more confident and well-prepared to handle any situation with grace and elegance. You've truly helped me to become the type of lady I have long wanted to be."